In model year 2017, FOX introduced the new FOX FIT GRIP damper that is found in Performance and Rhythm Series forks.


Inspired by moto fork damping systems, FOX’s new GRIP damper uses our FIT sealed cartridge technology combined with a coil-sprung, internal floating piston. The system allows excess oil to purge through a specially designed port at the top of the damper to maintain consistent damping and increase durability.


FIT GRIP dampers are used in Performance and Rhythm Series forks, bringing a new level of ride quality and adjustment to those price points. Performance Series forks provide Open, Medium, and Firm modes with additional micro-adjust between settings, giving riders added control to fine-tune their damping needs. Rhythm Series forks offer 2-position sweep adjust, giving riders a wider range of damping adjustment and performance never seen before at this level.


damper-grip-detail grip-cutaway  damper-grip copy

34-rhythm 34-performance