As a celebration to the improved version of the most sold bike carrier in the world, Thule ProRide, Thule celebrates the news with a Limited Edition of the new Thule ProRide 598 in 10 different colour options during 20 days. The dedicated bike lovers will have the chance to get hold of one of the 1942 copies of the Thule ProRide 598 Limited Edition, which will be sold exclusively on from the 1 – 20th of Dec 2015.

The world’s most popular bike carrier just got even better! With its combination of convenience, stability, and smart design, it’s no wonder Thule ProRide has become the number one choice for bike riders across the globe. The new Thule ProRide 598 takes this iconic bike carrier to the next level with enhanced features and an updated design. Thule celebrates this new and improved bike carrier with a limited edition in 10 different colours. The 1942 Thule ProRide.

Limited Edition carriers in colour can only be ordered from 1-20th of Dec 2015 on


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